I have just received some good news. I have been chosen as a finalist in the competition to Paint The Great Degas. All of the great painters of our time were invited to participate and were eliminated one by one. As you can see from the first two photos, the competition was fierce but in the end only the best of the best remained.. It is truly an honor to enter this great contest of my peers. I will practice sketching a Degas every day until the great day in order to win the grand prize which is . . .
First there's me . . . then there’s Sam the painting porpoise. Next that sly fox Malevich the painting pig . . . I don’t really know who that next guy is - I thing he is a ringer. Then there’s the most feared competitor of them all. He’s known as ‘the baby’. As I said before, the competition is fierce. It will be my pleasure to keep you informed of all events until the day comes for me to Paint The Great Degas.

The Players

The Players

Degas Paintings That Would Like To Be Considered In Paint The Great Degas

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 3 - Dreama's Eddie Brings Home Knowledge

Myra: When I say ‘bow’ you say ‘wow’. ‘Bow - wow', 'bow - wow’. When I say ‘woof’ you say ‘roof’. ‘Woof - roof', 'woof - roof!’
Eddie: Stop that!  You’re making me nervous.
Myra: I was just working on the tips I received from Mary and Catherine. Since you’re always giving advice . . . what advice do you have for me Eddie?
Eddie: Well with my daily paintings I often use books for reference.
Myra: Wow Eddie you have some great books. Tell me Eddie do you think I can paint a great degas?
Eddie: Do I think you can paint a great degas?
Myra: Does Dreama think I can paint a great degas?
Eddie: Does Dreama think you can paint a great degas?
Myra: Are you evading the question by answering with a question?
Eddie: Am I evading the question by answering with a question?
Eddie's Books
Myra's Books
Top Photo: Dreama's Beautiful Painting of Eddie
For more of Dreama's beautiful paintings please click here:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Episode 2 - CJ comes down from 'the hammer' to end procrastination

Catherine: Myra why do you keep procrastinating?
Myra: I don’t know what ‘procrastinating’ means but I’ve been sitting around for hours just doing nothing.(slap!) Hey! What is it with you people and the slapping?
Catherine: Where is today's practice sketch?
Myra: Today I painted a ballerina bodice.
Catherine: That’s okay for a start. I’m taking you to Tim Hortons for coffee and some ‘timbits’ because I think you need some motivation. Myra, it’s like I tell my dog - 'If you have fleas - don’t just sit there scratchin’ - you have to take it to the next level.'  Myra you need what I call the ‘wow’ factor.
Here’s an exercise I do with my dog every day - when I say ‘bow’ you say ‘wow’.
C: bow!
M: wow!
C: bow!
M: wow!
C: when I say ‘woof’ you say ‘roof’.
C: woof!
M: roof!
C: woof!
M: roof!
Catherine: that’s right Myra . . . reach for the stars . . .cause that’s how we do it in 'the hammer'!
Photo #1 'Ballerina Bodice' by Myra/
Photo #2 Tim Horton's by Catherine/ Please click here to see Catherine's great works of art:  http://www.cajeffrey.blogspot.com/

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Episode 1 - The Degas Smackdown . . .

The Two Sisters

Myra: Mary I don’t know if I can paint a great degas! (Slap!)
Ouch Mary! Why did you slap me?
Mary: Myra I've told you before ‘don’t know’ is not in our vocabulary.
Myra: Well, I don’t know where to begin! (Slap!)
Mary: You must at least practice a little every day!
Myra: I don’t know if I’ll have the time! (Slap!)
Mary:  You must make the time for greatness!
Myra: Okay I’ll do it! (Slap!)
Hey what was that for I didn’t say ‘don’t know’.
Mary: Yes you did - just now!

The After the Show Show:  Commentator:  Wow!  That was riveting!  I have to say that those slaps looked real.  Myra:  Actually it's a little thing Mary and I call 'acting'.  Mary and I go way back.  That's why this 6x6 sketch is called 'The Two Sisters'. . .
for more about Mary click here:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do you dream in the color of coffee . . .

Do you dream in the color of coffee -
as vivid as Connie's tango . . .
or Dreama's red rose . . .
Or are you in Monet's garden . . .
picking sunflowers with Van Gogh?
When you dream in the color of coffee
are you like Degas' little dancer . . .
forever young?

Un petite film de cafe . . . 'the attraction' . . .

If he could Degas would have made silly slide 'movies' about coffee - like this one.

Watercolor Ballet . . .

This is one of my rare adventures into watercolor.

Beautiful photo . . .

I love this photo because it is the bodice of Degas' famous sculpture of the Little Dancer. The photographer truly captured the sculptural quality.


scribbled petite ballerina . . .

I like this little 8x8 painting. I think she has a little intensity.

Ballerina Bodice . . .

Why do I like bodices?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life In The Color Of Coffee . . .

Life in the color of coffee
is strong and sweet -
made with refreshing water . . .
tempered by fire . . .
enhanced by friends.
Degas was also a sculptor. This is my very, very first sculpture. It fell apart during the night. Will now look at a book for some instruction.

Sunday, August 16, 2009